We made a Free App.

Why?  Well imagine this…

You get to the party, it’s feeling pretty lit and you’re all like yep sweet perfect time for a bit of Cup of Kings to take this baby to the next level.  

You then realise you’ve left your deck at home. Bummer, but all good, some party legend will have a deck.

You ask around if anyone has their deck handy. No luck though… who are these people and why doesn’t one of them have a deck?

You begin to question why you’re there in the first place, but you refocus. 

You think maybe I’ll go back home and get it? No, I’m very drunk and an uber will cost way too much for the two way trip. You begin to succumb to the fact that this party is destined for mediocrity, pack her up boys, there’s no point. 

But wait! You then remember… hang on a sec Cup of Kings has an app now!

But wait! It’s probably a bit of a whack to the old wallet hey… But wait! It’s free? Well get that baby into my veins this party is saved. 

You quickly download, you raise your phone into the air, the Cup Of Kings app beacons and the party people gather round. You roll out your virtual deck and you launch that party into oblivion.

In summary:

We made an app because not everyone is carrying around a deck of Cup of Kings cards but they still might want to play and have a good time.
Plus the app has heaps of cool features, like being able to create you’re own deck to share with mates. 

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