How to Play the Cup of Kings App

Step 1. 
We recommend you select a game master to enforce the rules. Choose wisely, this is a position of great power. 

Step 2.
Open the app and hit play. You’ll see the game as a virtual Kings Cup, but you can choose to fill up a real Kings Cup at this point. 

Step 3. 
Choose which deck you want to play. 
You can choose from the base, traditional and college or any custom decks. 
We have built an example custom deck called ‘icebreakers’ but you can easily create your own with your favourite rules.

Step 4
Select how many rule cards and how many king cards to play.  This is up to you, but we recommend around 20 cards and 4 kings a for quick game or around 50 cards and 6 kings for a marathon sesh. 

Step 5
Add player names, or choose to play without and hit play. This helps you to keep track of whose turn it is. Add some funny names if you’re a jokester. 

Step 6
Each player takes a turn by tapping a card and playing the rule. 

Step 7
Continue taking turns and playing rules and having fun, the game ends once the last king is drawn.

Other questions your drunk friends will shout. 

How long should rules last?

Any rule that doesn’t specifically mention it’s duration is subject to your own rules. A rule lasting until that player draws another card is a good option.
What happens if someone doesn’t play a rule?

If a player refuses to play a card they may be subject to a punishment of your choice instead.

What if someone breaks the circle?

Some people play if the circle of cards is broken, that person must drink. That’s up to you.

What if I spill beer on my phone?

That’s your problem.

Download the app here to get the party started.

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