Saucy party content fresh out the oven and cooked to perfection.

Most of the physical decks we’ve sold and shipped as of 12/02/21.
Blue markers depict Kickstarter sales, green are Shopify and black are from the Amazon fulfilment centre in North America.


Take a generous sip for everyone in the room that is studying an arts degree. Take an additional sip for each arts student who thinks they’ll actually secure a job.

Lord of Dogtown

You are now the shaka lord. You must do a shaka and say “yewwwww” after everything you say. 

Your mates already do this so pretty standard really. 

Mature Aged Student

You must act like a mature aged student. Excessive questions and an overarching condescending attitude is a must.

Apologies to older people trying to better themselves by actively participating in the education they are paying for. 

Van Wilder

Everyone that has lived on college for more than two years must finish their drink.

Party legends though. 


Another player may message one of your dating app matches.

Keep it clean team. 

Step 1. 
We recommend you select a game master to enforce the rules. Choose wisely, this is a position of great power. 

Step 2.
Open the app and hit play. You’ll see the game as a virtual Kings Cup, but you can choose to fill up a real Kings Cup at this point. 

Step 3. 
Choose which deck you want to play. 
You can choose from the base, traditional and college or any custom decks. 
We have built an example custom deck called ‘icebreakers’ but you can easily create your own with your favourite rules.

Step 4
Select how many rule cards and how many king cards to play.  This is up to you, but we recommend around 20 cards and 4 kings a for quick game or around 50 cards and 6 kings for a marathon sesh. 

Step 5
Add player names, or choose to play without and hit play. This helps you to keep track of whose turn it is. Add some funny names if you’re a jokester. 

Step 6
Each player takes a turn by tapping a card and playing the rule. 

Step 7
Continue taking turns and playing rules and having fun, the game ends once the last king is drawn.

Other questions your drunk friends will shout. 

How long should rules last?

Any rule that doesn’t specifically mention it’s duration is subject to your own rules. A rule lasting until that player draws another card is a good option.
What happens if someone doesn’t play a rule?

If a player refuses to play a card they may be subject to a punishment of your choice instead.

What if someone breaks the circle?

Some people play if the circle of cards is broken, that person must drink. That’s up to you.

What if I spill beer on my phone?

That’s your problem.

Download the app here to get the party started.

Why?  Well imagine this…

You get to the party, it’s feeling pretty lit and you’re all like yep sweet perfect time for a bit of Cup of Kings to take this baby to the next level.  

You then realise you’ve left your deck at home. Bummer, but all good, some party legend will have a deck.

You ask around if anyone has their deck handy. No luck though… who are these people and why doesn’t one of them have a deck?

You begin to question why you’re there in the first place, but you refocus. 

You think maybe I’ll go back home and get it? No, I’m very drunk and an uber will cost way too much for the two way trip. You begin to succumb to the fact that this party is destined for mediocrity, pack her up boys, there’s no point. 

But wait! You then remember… hang on a sec Cup of Kings has an app now!

But wait! It’s probably a bit of a whack to the old wallet hey… But wait! It’s free? Well get that baby into my veins this party is saved. 

You quickly download, you raise your phone into the air, the Cup Of Kings app beacons and the party people gather round. You roll out your virtual deck and you launch that party into oblivion.

In summary:

We made an app because not everyone is carrying around a deck of Cup of Kings cards but they still might want to play and have a good time.
Plus the app has heaps of cool features, like being able to create you’re own deck to share with mates. 

Pre-game: Select someone to be the COK Master. This person ensures the game runs smoothly and is the enforcer of rules.

1. The COK Master divides all cards to players evenly. Each player then sifts through the cards, putting Kings aside and cards they like into a communal pile in the middle. Cards they don’t like are placed in the discard pile.

2. Shuffle 4 kings (or however many you’d like to play with) into the cards in the middle and scatter them around a large cup.

3. Players then take in turns drawing a card and playing the rule. The card is then placed in the discard pile.

4. When a player draws a king they must pour some of their drink into the cup. If it is the final Kings they pour some of their drink into the cup and then drink it. This concludes the game.

All the lovely households we’ve mailed Cup of Kings to as of June 2017.

A list of ten rules we wrote. Definitely not content marketing.

10. Pigeon

You may send a message to a random contact in another person’s phone.

9. Chef

You must make a drink for someone using any alcohol or mixer in the house.

Dangerous when played in a house with an extensive array of liquor. Has the potential to end your night or unearth the mixologist deep inside you.

8. Mass Consumption

You must take one generous sip from each persons drink.

The intensity of this rule is largely dependent on the size of the group and how potent the drinks are.

7. Michelangelo

Draw anything you want on any hidden part of someones body. Use a sharpie for longevity.

It’s common knowledge that we’re all highly confident artists after a few drinks so why not use your bestie as a canvas?

6. Pigeon Shit

Another person may choose a category and a random contact in your phone. Everyone must then send that person a text message that has relevance to the chosen category.

When choosing a contact it is wise to rule out family, work colleagues and ex-lovers to preserve quality of life.

5. Troll

You must sit under the table like the drunken mess that you are.

An oldie but a goodie. Kind of like the naughty corner but for adults?

4. Ducks Fly Together

The next card drawn affects everyone in the game.

You can feel the accumulative anxiety in the air when Ducks Fly Together is drawn. Interesting results when played with Troll (See number 5).

3. Sardines

You have 30 seconds to go hide somewhere. Once time’s up, everyone must attempt to find you and hide with you. Last person to find everyone has to finish their drink.

ProTip: Play in a large house with the lights off.

2. Gender Blender

Everyone must pass their pants to the person to the left and their shirts to the person on the right.

A rule not for the faint of heart and rumoured to be banned in 16 countries, Gender Blender will leave you wondering why you decided to play these ridiculous rules in the first place.

1. A & B

The person to your left covers your eyes and quietly assigns the letters A and B to any two people. In the meantime you must think of a task for A and B. E.g. ‘A’ must drink whatever ‘B’ does.

Things can really heat up or take an outrageous turn for the worst when A and B is drawn. If you do find yourself playing this card don’t forget that A or B could be you!