Free Party App.

The largest collection of unique party rules in your pocket.

Simply good.

Select your favourite rules, add your friends names and start the party


Play your way.

Customise your game by choosing how many rules and kings to play. Add player names before and during game.

Build your deck.

Flick through hundreds of unique rules to select and play only your favourites. Save your custom deck and send it to your mates.

Start the party.

The gameplay and sound effects based on Kings Cup. View card history to keep track of rules and kings.

Things you might wanna know about the app.

Is this the best Kings Cup app in the world?

Probably. Have you seen the competition?

Some dude I met in a hostel in Budapest says Piccolo is a better party app.


Are there any annoying ads?

No, never. We value your experience more than hot cash from corporate pig dogs. 

Can I create my own deck of my favourite rules and send it to my mates?

Yes! When you build a custom deck you get a share code you can send anywhere in the world. Your friends in Mauritius can play the exact same deck as you. 

Is it really a free app?

Sure is. But you can buy more expansion packs if you’re really enjoying yourself. 

What a happens if I spill my drink on my phone?

Put it in a bag of rice.

Why would you make an app when you already have a tangible deck of cards?

So you can always have Cup of Kings with you.

Can I speak to your manager?

Sure! His name is Michael. He’s great.