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Base Deck

$25.00 AUD

The Base Deck includes ridiculous drinking tasks, hilarious dares and things you’ll probably regret doing.

  • 108 durable, water resistant cards
  • 8 kings + rule sheet
  • Excellent for spicing up a games night
  • A diverse range of fun, outrageous rules
  • Doesn’t need to be stored in a cool, dry place

High quality cards.

100 unique drinking rules printed on durable, spill resistent cards.

More than a drinking game.

Cup of Kings brings people together, takes them out of their comfort zone and facilitates an (un)memorable experience.

Things you might wanna know about the card game

What is Cup of Kings?

Cup of Kings is a party game for you and your best friends. Just scatter a deck of cards around a large cup and take in turns drawing a card and playing the rule until the final king is drawn.  

What comes in each box?

Each deck contains 108 cards (100 rules + 8 kings) and an obligatory rule sheet. Sometimes Michael throws in a sticker. Sometimes he doesn’t.

What do the colours mean?

To help you sort the cards quickly, we’ve colour coded the cards based on their category of rule. Green cards result in hilarious dares, orange cards involve creative tasks like making drinks, blue cards require drinking (if you fancy it) and red cards generally involve nudity to some degree. The purple cards are rules that affect gameplay, such as reversing the direction of the game. 

Are the cards good quality?

They sure are! They’re a linen based, white-core 300gsm make-up with a thin coating of Polypropylene plastic. They feel great and provide some liquid resistance and can easily be wiped down.

Can I sell these at my place of business?

Yes, we’d love that. Shoot Michael, an email and he’ll be in touch.

Why should I buy these when you have a free app?

Do what you want. We’re not your mum.

Do you post worldwide?

We sure do! If you’re in North America you can save some cash by purchasing from Amazon.

Are the cards waterproof?

Our cards are water resistant. Look after you deck and it will look after you.