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How to play Cup of Kings

How to play Cup of Kings

Playing Cup of Kings:

Pre-game: Select someone to be the COK Master. This person ensures the game runs smoothly and is the enforcer of rules.

1. The COK Master divides all cards to players evenly. Each player then sifts through the cards, putting Kings aside and cards they like into a communal pile in the middle. Cards they don't like are placed in the discard pile.

2. Shuffle 4 kings (or however many you'd like to play with) into the cards in the middle and scatter them around a large cup.

3. Players then take in turns drawing a card and playing the rule. The card is then placed in the discard pile.

4. When a player draws a king they must pour some of their drink into the cup. If it is the final Kings they pour some of their drink into the cup and then drink it. This concludes the game.

House Rules:

House rules should be set before the beginning of the game to prevent any potential disagreements and ensure that the game runs smoothly. The COK Master will enforce these rules.

Rule Duration - Any rule that doesn't specifically mention it's duration is subject to the house rules. A rule lasting until that player draws another card is a popular option.

Rule Penalty - If a player refuses to play a card they may be subject to a house punishment instead.

4 - 20 players 30 - 120 minutes