Kings Cup, Reinvented.

Cup of Kings is a party game full of hundreds of outrageous drinking rules.

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“The most legit card game app I’ve ever used.”

James, iOS


Cup of Kings is available as a high quality deck of cards and as a free app on iOS and Android.

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Things you might wanna know

What is Cup of Kings?

Cup of Kings is a drinking game for you and your friends. To play cards are scattered around a large cup and players take turns drawing cards and playing the corresponding rules.

Is Cup of Kings right for me?

If you like to have fun, Cup of Kings is for you.

Where should I play Cup of Kings?
We recommend playing Cup of Kings at house parties, festivals, college dorms, at a bar, on a weekend away or just hanging out at home with some mates. 
We don’t recommend playing it at grans, on a plane, at the in-laws, at school or in the bath. Yes that’s a challenge.
Is Cup of Kings like the drinking game kings cup?
It sure is! Although our rules are unique and there’s literally hundreds of them. 
Can I sell these at my hostel, cafe or sex store?

Probably! Shoot our business guru Michael an email and he’ll be in touch.

Is Michael 'Shaggy' Ridley single?

No. Please stop asking.

Should I download the app or buy the cards for my nephew?

Por qué no los dos?

What is the best Cup of Kings drinking rule?

Good question. Here’s a 10 great rules to get you thinking.